When Sparks Fly Blog Hop–First kisses and personal fireworks

Published July 4, 2013 by Sandra Sookoo

Welcome to my Believing is Seeing blog. If you’re new to the place, welcome! My name is Sandra Sookoo and I write romantic fiction, mostly in the historical and contemporary genres, but I have been known to do a little paranormal and sci-fi when the mood strikes.

St. Louis Arch Fireworks

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Have you ever heard the saying “sparks flew” when their hands touched or when they kissed? Ever thought it was a bunch of bunk? Ever thought it was true? You have chemistry to thank for that. When two people “connect” there is no awkwardness and there are tingles or heat. Whether these meetings will result in a lifetime is beyond science, but it’s interesting to know that, for that one, magical moment, you made a “spark” with another person.

Speaking of sparks, here’s a short excerpt of the first kiss between Gwynn and Cole, the couple from my upcoming humorous contemporary romance HOLLYWOOD DREAMS AND BUTTERCREAM, which will release from Desert Breeze Publishing on July 11th. Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

“Cole, look at me.” Her request came with a hefty dose of throaty suggestion. How did it get there and why couldn’t she bring that out on command?

He turned his head. “Yeah?” His eyes glittered in the twilight shadows.

“You have a smear of icing on your mouth.” Before her temporary injection of courage could dissipate, she dabbed at the frosting on the side of his mouth. Not having a napkin, she licked the sugary glob from her finger.

Cole twisted his body toward her, his gaze twin caldrons of smoldering green. “Did you get it all?” His voice was equally low but with a smoky quality that prickled the hairs on her arms and nape into heightened awareness.

HollywoodDreamsandButtercreamCoverArt-smlInsanity ruled over common sense as she said, “Nope, there’s still a little bit left.” Gwynn leaned into him. Her palm grazed his cheek as she cupped it and fit her lips to his in a fleeting kiss, being sure to ply that spot in the corner with a leisurely lick. The slight rasp of his stubble against her tongue sent tiny tremors into her lower belly.

Cole pulled away, but not far enough that she couldn’t feel the warmth of his breath on her face. He swiped a forefinger into the frosting of his cake then dabbed the icing onto the middle of his bottom lip. “How about now?”

“You know, homemade frosting is thick and stubborn. It clings to everything.” Gwynn kissed him again, taking care to nibble the icing until not a trace of it was left. She slid her hand to the back of his head. His silky hair flowed over her fingers and invited more than a brief touch. Cole moved his free hand to her waist, insistent at the small of her back, setting off a host of tingles. He glided his mouth over hers with a gentleness she hadn’t expected from him. Sampling chocolate from his lips was the sweetest thing she’d ever partaken of and she didn’t want the intimacy to end. She cupped the side of his face once more, seeking to deepen the connection and find out if the heat threatening to melt her was definitely from him and not the summer temperature.

He broke the embrace, and she thought she caught a soft, shuddering sigh from him. “Well, that’s one way of removing a smudge.”

Giveaway for this post: $10.00 Amazon gift card plus a packet of book swag. Please remember to leave your contact information. Oh, and you will need to answer this question in order to be eligible for the prize: Do you remember your first kiss with your current sweetie? Were there fireworks or did it fizzle? Winner will be randomly selected using random.org and post here on this blog Tuesday, July 9th. If, once the winner has been notified by email, they do not come forward, someone else will be chosen after five days of non-response.

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend (if you’re in the US) If you’re not, have a good regular weekend!

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19 comments on “When Sparks Fly Blog Hop–First kisses and personal fireworks

  • I’ve never dated anyone and haven’t kissed anyone besides on the cheek. I definitely haven’t felt any sparks.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  • Don’t have a current sweetie. :( Haven’t since my husband passed. Wow. 12 years ago now.

    Do remember the first kiss with my hubby though. Wasn’t a fizzle but wasn’t an explosion of passion either. Took us a few days to get to that point.

    carolcobun @ yahoo.com

  • Thanks for the hop! My first kiss with my husband was a flop (although it got much better out of the weird circumstances). We actually met online (and have been together now for six years), but when he met me at the airport and tried to kiss me, I was embarassed and he ended up missing my mouth. It was cute, but not quite what he or I had in mind!

    Helena Ferrell

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