Front Porch Saturday: Everyone Needs To Be Quiet, by Jennifer Wilck

Published April 5, 2014 by Jennifer Wilck

People are frustrating me—everyone, everywhere.

Women are attacking women for ridiculous reasons. Stay-at-home moms criticize working moms’ parenting skills. Working moms blast stay-at-home moms. Women who breastfeed find fault with those who don’t and vice-versa.

Celebrities are treated like heroes, yet are blasted when they express their opinions about anything other than Hollywood.

Men make stupid comments about fathers taking time off for paternity leave, yet complain about the plethora of TV shows out there making fun of fathers.

And don’t get me started on the politics wrapped up in religion wrapped up in politics arguments.

I used to laugh at my grandparents when they talked about how things were different in their day, but I find myself echoing them now. Before the Internet and social media and the advent of “Everything Happening Right Now” mentality, information took longer than a nanosecond to get out.

Sure, there’s always been gossip, but information was conveyed in newspapers, radio and television. It took time to get to people. That time was beneficial, because it enabled people to think before speaking, rationalize before reacting.

Now that we all blog about everything, comment and tweet about everything—most of which we don’t understand or take the time to learn about—every little thing becomes magnified. We become filled with self-importance because someone responds to something we say or do or think and people enter the conversation. Most times, that conversation isn’t anyone else’s business, yet everyone contributes.

I blogged earlier about taking a break from social media and the more I hear, the more I’m inclined to take a long break. Of course, as a writer who needs to put myself out there in order to encourage people to buy my books, I can’t completely disappear.

But seriously, people, aren’t we sick of this yet? What’s the harm in being kind to others whose choices are different from yours? What’s wrong with thinking before speaking? What’s wrong with acknowledging that others are more qualified than you to speak about something?

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6 comments on “Front Porch Saturday: Everyone Needs To Be Quiet, by Jennifer Wilck

  • I so agree with you. Not only are celebrities not thinking before they speak, I’ve had people speaking before they think three times in the last couple of weeks–and it didn’t make me happy. Especially since my dad passed away last Sunday. Now, none of these people knew that, but the things they said still upset me. I stayed overnight at the nursing home where my mom (and dad) stay the night my dad passed. The next morning, my mom and I had breakfast in the dining room. Or rather, she had breakfast. She asked an employee there if I could have some cereal and the employee barked, “Is she gonna pay? I’m not giving food away!” Just plain insensitive to me and especially my mom.
    Don’t get me started on rude librarians and grocery store cashiers.

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