Front Porch Saturday: Commercialism and Easter

Published April 19, 2014 by romancewithjjkeller

Eat sign

Back in the day my family dressed in their Sunday best and went to church and after a longer-than-usual sermon traveled home to have an elaborate lunch and an egg hunt. The Easter basket, filled with colorful candies and novelties, was my favorite treat for the day.

I liked the traditional toys which usually only lasted for a day or few days at the most. You know what I mean, the paddle ball, silly putty, and other novelty toys. But most of all I loved the soft furry rabbit.

Now, like most events, people/children have higher expectations. Baskets should be filled, and not with the cheap toys but with electronics or the latest and greatest whatever-age-related phenomena.

I want…I want…I want.

What happened to the simple life?

If only I could time travel and see the future. I’d find out if bunnies are left out of the basket and put onto a freighter cart carried into the pages of history books.



The Valkyrie and the Marine

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