Front Porch Saturday: Orphan looking for a home…

Front Porch Saturday: Orphan looking for a home…

The midwest has been plagued with foul weather…tornados, superstorms and crop destroying rain.

A few days ago I glanced from my kitchen window and beheld a tiny robin roosting on my fence 1

It clung to the post most of the day. Many birds fluttered near and their beaks moved…in conversation? No mother to rescue the poor baby?

Two days later the sun came out, and I hurried to get the grass mowed before rain arrived later in the day. On one of my White Birch trees I found the branch hopper…

photo 2 photo 3

The little fella didn’t appear to be the least bit afraid of me, nor the loud lawn mower. I sprinkled bird food [seeds] nearby, but it didn’t seem interested. Perhaps the robin was to young to consume bird food?

When the rain arrived and he remained perched on the tree branch I considered calling animal rescue.


photo 4

the mother arrived. You can barely see her through the rain-slicked window. Whoot! No longer an orphan.

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Front Porch Saturday: Camp NaNoWriMo by Jennifer Wilck

Front Porch Saturday: Camp NaNoWriMo by Jennifer Wilck

I am not a camp person, as anyone who knows me will tell you. It’s not that I’m a princess, but I don’t like bugs and heat is only fine if there’s air conditioning close by to cool off. I’m not a great swimmer and the thought of being controlled by glorified teenagers (counselors) is a little terrifying to me.

So I’m here to announce that I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, which is the only camp experience that I’m willing to try.

Camp NaNoWriMo is similar to the more common one that occurs in November. However, it’s a little more laid back, and it’s a group activity. The “counselors” are authors who have organized this and are the cheering squad. You can form your own cabins with other writer friends—my own happens to be air conditioned with comfy beds and nice people—to help you motivate each other. And you set your own writing goal.

My personal goal is 50,000. I sincerely doubt I’m going to make it as July is a busy month with a short vacation and the RWA conference at the end of the month, but I’m going to try. So far, I’ve written about 1,600 words and I’m having fun being inspired by, and inspiring, my cabin mates.

A summer month of writing. What could be better?

Front Porch Saturday: Sharks, Toes, and South Carolina by jj Keller

Front Porch Saturday: Sharks, Toes, and South Carolina by jj Keller

I just returned from a family holiday. We traveled to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The plane trip was fantastic.  I met a lovely man who is a farmer in Fort Wayne. He was concerned that his crops would be ruined due to the rain. Little did he know the rain would continue…still raining.

Hot, steamy conditions in the Carolinas. The beach gave us some a bit of breeze, but it was blistering.


I got up early ….just after the light pierced our windows and took a jog on the beach. Then, on day three I injured my fourth toe and had to reduce the jog to a walk. In addition, I skipped the evening run.

Swimming helped increase the activity, but sharks had been attacking. And as a result,  I became a fan of the lazy river.

After shopping at a couple of unique stores I had to toss some clothing and misc. items in order to fit the items into my luggage (insert comical image of a woman sitting on the luggage to get it shut).  I squeezed the valuables inside and passed the TSA agent’s check. Yeah…although because of an unzipped pocket on my trousers I got a pat-down.

Because I’m a fan of the ocean waves, my husband used his iphone 6 and created a video…but I can’t post it on this site. Check out my website ( and to experience of magic of nature.

Have a wonderful summer.

jj Keller
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Front Porch Saturday: The Dishwasher by Jennifer Wilck

Front Porch Saturday: The Dishwasher by Jennifer Wilck

Every night, my girls set and clear the table. I feel a little bit like a queen as I sit there and they take care of things. Well, a queen who cooks, and reminds them to get things they forget, like their own drinks. Every night, they put the dishes, cups and silverware in the dishwasher. Except for those things that need to go in the sink, where they land with a loud crash, but amazingly remain in one piece. And every night I have to completely redo what they’ve done.

One opens the dishwasher about six inches, does not pull out either rack and blindly puts things in the approximate area that they go. She argues when I tell her to fully open the door and all but refuses to pull out the racks. I’m not quite sure what sensibility this offends in her, but apparently it’s an important one. When I go to check what she’s done, I find plates placed diagonally or stuffed in a slot already taken by another plate; cups are sideways—until water is capable of bending, I don’t know why this even is an option for her; and silverware is upside down.

When I ask her about it, she simply smiles and apologizes as if she’s never heard my objections before now.

Another puts things approximately where they belong, but with no order to anything. This is slightly less aggravating, but even more puzzling, as she is the child who would line up her toys, rather than play with them, and excelled at ordering and categorizing things. To this day, off-center things, or things that don’t belong, annoy her to no end. Apparently dishes are the one exception to the rule.

I know most parents would say, “I’d kill to get my children to put stuff in the dishwasher at all, let alone the correct way,” but my girls have been doing this since they were four. They’re thirteen and sixteen now. I’m starting to think there’s no hope for them.

They ask me constantly why I don’t write YA. They’d like nothing better than to read about characters like themselves in situations they may face and to be able to have their friends read my work.

Why don’t I?

Ha! I write to get away from reality, not to rehash it. Maybe someday if they load the dishwasher correctly.

I’m still here. I’m just busy and…

I’m still here. I’m just busy and…

… and maybe disenchanted. With many things :-)

Over the last year, the thought of blogging hasn’t appealed. I feel I have nothing to say to the world in general, and I vastly prefer talking to my friends and readers through other outlets now like Facebook.

This poor blog. It’s been neglected, both by me and mostly all the other bloggers that used to be assigned to it. Thankfully, there are an intrepid couple of ladies who continue one with their assigned posting days. I couldn’t be more appreciative of them. But, are readers actually here?

Question to the blogging universe: do you still visit blogs and leave comments anymore or do you prefer to stay informed or shoot the breeze on other outlets?

Anyway, I’m still here. I’m still working as a freelance editor. And I’m writing. The best stuff of my career, actually. I parted ways with my agent earlier in the year because that person wasn’t on the same page as me. I’ve left some of my publishers because their vision no longer lined up with mine. Some of my publishers have closed. Life and the industry is constantly changing. I’ve decided that I’m quite content working for myself and having the bulk of my work be self-published. I enjoy working with the editors I hire and cover artists I book (if my husband doesn’t do those) I love being able to write what I want, when I want to write it and how I write it. Books of the heart are always better than writing what everyone else is just to get sales.

Speaking of sales. I can’t talk about that without being depressed or even wistful or jealous. Such isn’t the attitude of awesome, so I try to avoid this issue. Sometimes successfully LOL Suffice it to say, I’m incredibly thankful for the readers I do have. You guys rock. You’re who I’m writing my books for. Thank you. I hope you’re looking forward to everything I’ve got in the pike.

Plus, the hubs and I are busy getting ready for our second move in a year. In case you were wondering, I detest moving, packing, messing with putting my life on hold for it. While this move was forced for us, it’ll be a good thing. And though it’ll set our “ten year life plan” back for a little while, everything is still good. He’s healthy. I’m healthy. We’re strong.

Like I said, life is constantly changing and evolving. I just have to remind myself that sometimes the plans I’ve made for myself need to become something else. :-)

So, what say you? Do you enjoy reading blog content? What types of stuff do you want to see from me here? I suppose I could just do rambling posts every once in a while LOL Kinda like talking to a cat, which I don’t have.

Soon, though, I’ll be a fur mom. Another good thing about moving.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Front Porch Saturday: Shower Cleaning Tip

Front Porch Saturday: Shower Cleaning Tip

Shower Cleaning Tip

Okay, you’re thinking why waste my time reading a short article about cleaning a shower?

Share the knowledge. I’m not promoting a specific product. I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned.

In one of the guest bathrooms of our new home there is an acrylic and gelcoat two-seat shower. I found typical cleaners left the surface dull.

I have a cart filled with a variety of cleaning solutions and a dull shower stall.

I read the directions on the tag. I imagine reading a tag about a shower and how-to is something a person wouldn’t do. Cleaning a bathroom is simple, wear gloves, use a cleaning solution and scrub. According to the tag i.e. directions, a person should use car wash detergent. That’s right disbelievers. CAR WASH DETERGENT.

I purchased a solution, put some in a spray bottle and went to work. Now, the shower sparkles!

Try it…see what you think.

Front Porch Saturday: When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, by Jennifer Wilck

Front Porch Saturday: When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, by Jennifer Wilck

I write to escape reality. When I sit and write my romances, I have a place to disappear to, another world of my own making, where anything can happen. Should my characters be perfect? Of course not. Perfect is boring. But they can be my version of perfect. That’s why knowing a romance will end with “happily ever after” is so reassuring. Life doesn’t work that way, but I’m not writing about life.

I don’t want to write about the less than stellar person I’ve dealt with today.

I love my children, but I don’t want to write about all their foibles (aside from which, they’d be terribly embarrassed).

My husband is perfect in my eyes, but that doesn’t mean I want to portray him in my books.

I want a made up fantasy set of characters who respond exactly as I wish them to respond.

I want my heroines to always have the perfect retort, even though it often takes me time to come up with it in real life.

I want my hero who initiates an apology and easily sees the error of his ways.

I don’t always want the heroine to have the last word, but I want her to be strong and spunky. And I want a hero who appreciates that.

In A Heart of Little Faith, Gideon can be a jerk, but Lily tames him. They rescue each other and although it might not seem so at first, she stands up for herself and doesn’t put up with his garbage for long. And in the end, the reader sees that they are perfect for each other.

In Skin Deep, no matter how bad things were, good wins in the end. Both John and Valerie gain strength from their trials, and both of them learn to appreciate the healing power of love.

In The Seduction of Esther, imperfection is not only okay, it’s appreciated. And preserved.

In Miriam’s Surrender, loss of control is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s the beginning of love.

So no matter how frustrating my real life might be, no matter how many circuses I get pulled into and no matter how buggy people can be, my writing will take those experiences and turn them around. I don’t write about real life; I write about something better.