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Published October 5, 2015 by Sandra Sookoo

It’s been a busy week or so around Camp Sookoo. If you’re a fan of hot Regency romance, I just released my latest. STORM TOSSED ROGUE is the first book in a brand new series I’ve called Men of the Marque.

Here’s the blurb:

Trust can be a stumbling block, but it can also be freeing in the right circumstance.

STRCoverEBook-1With only her reprobate, now-dead husband to judge by, Marjorie Attler doesn’t trust men. The crumbling manor house by the sea is a fresh start, but when a privateer appears in her bed—while she’s sleeping—he introduces her to a passion she’d only dreamed. Then he challenges her legal claim to the property and her justified distrust intensifies.

After being at sea for five years, Clinton Montmorency, captain of the Storm Tossed Rogue, has come home for a spell. He wants peace and quiet, and perhaps a woman to warm his bed. Imagine his delight when he finds one beside him his first night home. She might do for a midnight companion, but he doesn’t need another managing female in his bachelor life.

Ownership of the house aside, they have bigger matters to square with. Marjorie’s disgraced cousin is about to give birth, while Clinton’s ward is making designs on his fortune. Throw in a smuggler, a sordid plot for the Rogue, as well a troublesome fever and it’s an adventure, complicated by the fact that Marjorie is as elusive and alluring as the sea while Clinton is just as hard to tame.

You can find the book at the following retail locations: Amazon * Barnes and Noble * Kobo * Itunes * All Romance ebooks

Also, to celebrate the month of October and all the spooky, ghostly and paranormal things therein, I’m offering my paranormal romance bundle, MY BOYFRIEND IS A PARANORMAL HOTTIE, on sale for only .99 cents through the end of the month.

ERC_Cover_72DPIMy Boyfriend is a Paranormal Hottie by Sandra Sookoo is a boxed set containing three full-length humorous, paranormal romances.

First in the series: Courted by the Vampire. Hannah and Edwin embark on a weird and wacky trek through an Indiana forest on a quest to save the magical world from a madman. Will they need to battle his vampire side?

Next is: Charmed by the Werewolf. Sophia and Xavier are on a mission to cure him from being a werewolf forever. Except, it’s not as easy as it seems, especially since she’s a gargoyle and works for one of the most evil beings in the Realms.

Last, we have: Captured by the Dragon. Mona is in self-imposed exile from her high-profile family. Braeden is the dragon who found her and wants the bounty on her head. Too bad love complicates things, but can they indulge in it while Mona battles her own dragon genes and Braeden deals with reuniting with his family during a war?

You can find the boxed set at the following locations (still waiting on Barnes and Noble to update the price)
Amazon * Kobo * All Romance ebooks * Apple

Enjoy the reads!

Love, Sandra

Front Porch Saturday: School Supply Lists by Jennifer Wilck

Published October 3, 2015 by Jennifer Wilck

School supply lists are the bane of my existence. I’m totally on board with having to purchase our own supplies. I don’t mind that part, actually. What I do mind is:

  • Receiving the school supply lists in dribs and drabs during the first three weeks of school. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t love making daily trips to Staples.
  • Receiving the school supply lists after all the school supplies on said lists are sold out. Still haven’t figured out how my child is supposed to show up the next day with all the requested supplies. And don’t even get me started on how Staples can run out of notebooks.
  • Receiving the school supply lists after the school supply stores have ended their school supply sales. This is obviously an evil plot.
  • Teachers who refuse to put the item in their head onto the list, forcing me to be a mind reader. I can barely figure out what’s in my head, please don’t make me peek into yours.
  • Schools that have trained my kids for the past eight years to get exactly and only the specific supply, brand, color and size of the item they want, and then turn around and suddenly decide to allow students to get whatever they want. My child spins in circles in the aisles and vibrates with anxiety. Which makes me vibrate too.

I am convinced that these lists are created by teachers who don’t have any children of their own for whom to purchase school supplies, because if they did, our lists wouldn’t look like they do.

So, I have a suggestion: Staples should sell wine.

Front Porch Saturday: Movie Star Carole Lombard

Published September 19, 2015 by romancewithjjkeller


Carole Lombard! Umm, you’re probably thinking the name sounds familiar.


She was a Hollywood Movie Superstar. Ms. Lombard, was born in 1908 and left for the glitz and glamour at the age of sixteen. Her birth name was Jane Alice Peters. This amazing actress lived in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her ancestral home has most recently been a bed and breakfast in need of a make over.

photo 1

Ms. Lombard took roles in screwball comedies in the 1930’s. She was one heralded as one of the highest paid movie stars of her era. I love the irony given it was a time of economic downturn.

When I decided to write a blog about Carole Lombard, I watched one of her movies, Nothing Sacred. Her co-star was Fredric March. The movie evolved around a radon-poisoned character, Hazel Flagg. Hazel was misdiagnosed by a small-town physician. During her last days, a New York newspaper wanted to make her the toast of the town. The day the reporter arrived to take her to the city that never sleeps, the doctor told her he’d made a mistake. She was healthy.

Fredric March was forgettable, but Carole…she had pizazz. Her stage presence drew me into the story despite the hokey plot line. I want to watch more of her movies—the select few because at 33 years old she was killed in a horrific plane crash.

During her short life she was married twice, once to William Powell for two years and then Clark Gable. If you’ve ever watched Captain Ron the yacht Kurt Russell navigates was once owned by Clark Gable. CG +CL is engraved in the wood of the master bedroom.

The city of Fort Wayne, Indiana commemorates Carole by placing a star on the sidewalk outside the Embassy Theatre.


And a bridge has been named in her honor.

photo 2

photo 4

Some of her movies include: Marriage in Transit with Fox Film Corp, but they dropped her after she had a car accident and her face was scarred. She appeared in a few short films. Finally she got contract with Paramount and acted in Buddy Rogers and Safety in Numbers, Man of the World, Ladies Man. She co-starred with Clark Gable in No Man of Her Own Other films like Bolero, Hands Across the Table, The Princess Comes Across, My Man

Godfrey, Swing High, Swing Low, and Nothing Sacred. Her final movies were Made for Each Other, Name Only and Vigil in the Night and even a thriller by Alfred Hitchcock’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Watch one of Ms. Lombard’s movies. She was an energetic force on the stage and in front of the camera. Please let me know your review.

Not a copyrighted photo, sharable. Movie posters per

Coming October, 2015:


When Alyson McLeod returns to Jove, she never expects her high school sweetheart to knock on her front door. Sam’s arrival stirs memories she thought she’d banished long ago and awakens a fiery need no other man has been able to conjure.

The phoenix tattoo on Sam Crown’s arm immortalizes the woman he loved—and lost—long ago. Alyson’s return should excite him, but instead, she awakens a guilt he’s not sure even love can overcome.

Can these star-crossed lovers finally find happiness or will a wicked matchmaker’s antics keep them apart forever?


Fantasies with spice and humor.







Last Chance at Love coming October 2015

The Valkyrie and the Marine, Pippa’s Rescue, Memory of Love&
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Front Porch Saturday: Snicker-Poos

Published August 15, 2015 by romancewithjjkeller

As I sit on my front porch I see nothing but rain drops…so I’m going inside to bake some treats. People food for dogs…yep. I have some healthy dog-treat recipes for you.

Since many dog treats are inferior, and it continues to rain every day in the mid-west, I’ve been baking my own dog treats. I’ll share two recipes with you…my Sheltie gobbles both of them. Our little Riley doesn’t like the ultra healthy carrot bites. She’s more of a junk-food-snack-food type dog. Do all rescue dogs prefer people food? Maybe because they survived by eating table scraps? However, she does enjoy the Snicker-Poos listed below.


1 ½ cups oat flour

1 ½ cups rice (or rye) flour

2 t cinnamon

1 egg

¼ cup honey (I used raw because our Sheltie has allergies and raw honey helps).

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ cup water

Wheat Germ

photo 2

Preheat oven 375F. Combine all ingredients together and mix thoroughly in a large bowl. Spoon mixture out(use an ice cream scoop for consistency) and roll into balls, place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with wheat germ, then flatten with a fork, which will also add decorative lines. Cookies can be placed close together as they don’t expand. Bake 18-22 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely on a wire rack, then store at room temperature in a loosely covered container.

Canine Carrot Cookies (Katie Merwick recipe)

2 cups carrots—boiled and pureed

2 eggs

1 Tbsp minced garlic (this was very strong, next time I’m leaving it out)

2 Cups unbleached all purpose flour (or rice or rye flour)

1 cup rolled oats

¼ cup wheat germ

photo 1

Combine carrots, eggs, and garlic. Mix until smooth. Add dry ingredients. Roll out on a heavily floured surface and cut into bars or desired shapes. Bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes or to desired crunchiness. The centers will continue to harden as they cool.

Note: Brush with egg whites before baking for a glossy finish.

There you go. Please let me know what you think of the recipe.


Warning: The Snicker-Poos smell so good people might eat them if they are not labeled.

jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

Last Chance at Love (coming soon)

Trade Agreement, LASR Best Book, Prop in the movie RED. print and eprint.
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Hot and Unusual by Vivien Paige and a Cover Reveal!

Published August 10, 2015 by Sandra Sookoo

Please welcome contemporary author Vivien Paige to the blog!

Series: Glamour Nannies – Falling for the Billionaire
Genre: Contemporary romance (sensual)
Release date: 18 August 2015


If there’s one thing emotionally unavailable party-princess, Tayla Watkins knows, it’s clothes. Kids? Not so much. But when her foster brother leaves her with a deathbed wish regarding the son he never had a chance to meet, she can’t refuse.

Armed with a Nannying for Dummies guidebook, all Tayla needs is three weeks at the mansion where the little boy lives to suss out the situation, confirm his well-being then leave without anyone ever knowing who she really is. Totally doable, except she chooses the wrong bed on her first night and faces off with the sexy uncle intent on knocking her off her six-inch heels.

When billionaire adventurist, Jared Miller, discovers his nephew’s sixty-year-old nanny has been replaced with a sparsely clad beauty, his trusted instincts fly off the charts, and so does his intrigue-meter. The glamorous nanny has as many secrets as she does shoes, and he’s determined to shadow her every move to uncover them all.


“I’m the new nanny. Temporary nanny. My name is Tayla Watkins.”

He rubbed his jaw. His silence made her nervous, his scrutiny of her face, anxious. But when his gaze flicked down her body, heat soaked her cheeks. Could he see right through her nightie? The curve of her breasts, her nipples, the absence of her panties because she’d been too tired to put on a pair.

The light chiffon hid nothing. Yet a deep-rooted defiance forced her to stand there, face him head-on as opposed to hiding her partial nakedness behind the curtains while getting all bent out of shape at his daring inspection.

Hot-and-Unusual-Final-LG (1)She did the next best thing. With casual pretense, she picked a decorative cushion off the floor and hugged it to her body. The longish rectangle shape, edged with gold tassels, covered her private bits.

“I liked Mrs. D better,” he said, fingering the cut across his forehead oozing a bit with blood. “What happened to her? Is she okay?”

“Mrs. Davis had scheduled a medical procedure and hired me to fill in for her.” She needed to shorten the amount of time she spent in his company with nothing but a cushion separating him from her near-nakedness. “I’m sorry we got off on the wrong…foot.” When really, the word ‘bed’ came to mind. “And I’m sorry about throwing the lamp at you.” She gestured toward his head. “I thought you were dead. Then you moved. I’ll get you something for it.” Without giving him her back and with as much grace as she could muster, she walked the small space sideways back toward the open door.

“No, don’t bother. I need to get a lot of sleep, preferably on that bed, alone, so if you don’t mind, say good-night.” His succinct dismissal irked her, but his large hand, curling over her hip then to the small of her back, forcing her to face forward so he could usher her out, stung her nerves with raw heat. “You know, Ms. Nanny, you did much better in my dreams.”

Pre-order at Amazon


Vivien-Twitter-PicVivien Paige has been eagerly consuming romance novels since her early teens. Strong, dark alpha heroes. Cute, feisty heroines. Combustible, emotional roller-coaster rides to a splendid happy ever after. Perfect! That’s what makes her such an awesome wife…well depending on who you ask :) Now she writes her own romance novels, too.


Twitter: @VivienPaige


Front Porch Saturday: RWA15 by Jennifer Wilck

Published August 1, 2015 by Sandra Sookoo

I just got back from my first Romance Writers of America National Conference in New York City. 2,000 romance writers took over the Marriott Marquis—I’m pretty confident we raised a few eyebrows of the other guests, although we were in Times Square, so maybe not—for five days of networking, workshops and events.

It was great!

The smart elevators did not outsmart me and elevator conversations were a lot of fun.

Random man in super crowded elevator: You can fit. Suck it in everyone!

RWA lady: We’re dressed for the awards and wearing Spanx. We can’t suck it in anymore.

Everyone else: And we’re romance writers. You don’t want to continue this conversation!

GetInline.aspxI roomed with my best writer friend and we still like each other. We ate yummy food and discovered new restaurants. We might have offered to marry the cute waiter who gave us a bowl of coffee, but I was really tired at the time and don’t fully remember.

There were a ton of workshops offered and it wasn’t possible to go to all of them. I had hoped to get some really good information on marketing, but those workshops weren’t particularly helpful. However, there were some great ones on different writing tips, such as conflict (and then…and then…but!), subtext (taught by a writer who’s first language is not English but who has won multiple writing awards for her English-language romances—I would have wanted to kill her but she was really nice, as well as hilarious), and characters (taught by Susan Elizabeth Phillips).

I skipped the keynotes because they were really early in the morning and I’ve heard many of them speak before. They’re awesome speakers, but I needed my sleep. I escaped from the crowds by hanging out in the New York Public Library, absorbing the solemnity of the building and the love of learning that was built into the walls. It was surprisingly noisy but the architecture was beautiful.

I saw a romance cover model up close—a little disturbing but wow, the muscles! I ate breakfast in the same space as GetInline.aspxEloisa James. And I met a Twitter friend for the first time and we found each other, despite knowing neither names nor faces!

It was a fabulous time and now I’m looking forward to taking what I learned and applying it to my writing. I’m inspired, I’m grateful and I’m exhausted!

Front Porch Saturday: Orphan looking for a home…

Published July 18, 2015 by romancewithjjkeller

The midwest has been plagued with foul weather…tornados, superstorms and crop destroying rain.

A few days ago I glanced from my kitchen window and beheld a tiny robin roosting on my fence 1

It clung to the post most of the day. Many birds fluttered near and their beaks moved…in conversation? No mother to rescue the poor baby?

Two days later the sun came out, and I hurried to get the grass mowed before rain arrived later in the day. On one of my White Birch trees I found the branch hopper…

photo 2 photo 3

The little fella didn’t appear to be the least bit afraid of me, nor the loud lawn mower. I sprinkled bird food [seeds] nearby, but it didn’t seem interested. Perhaps the robin was to young to consume bird food?

When the rain arrived and he remained perched on the tree branch I considered calling animal rescue.


photo 4

the mother arrived. You can barely see her through the rain-slicked window. Whoot! No longer an orphan.

jj Keller  {like me and I’ll like you}

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