All Things Disney Thursday–Haunted Mansion waiting area.

Hey gang! Today I’ve brought you some pictures from the new waiting area at the Haunted Mansion. Before, you’d just enter the holding area and wait until the cast member gave you permission to move into the main room.

Now Disney has added a few items of interest to keep you occupied in case the wait is long.

All pictures are my own property and I hold the copyrights.

This one was fun. It actually spits out bubbles lol

With this one, each time you touch the “keyboard” organ music plays.

This is one of the grave stones.

And a close up of the text, which I found pretty funny.

Anyway, that’s just a little taste. There are way more things to do but I couldn’t snag pictures of them as it was a little congested through that area.

I thought sharing the pics was appropriate seeing as how Halloween’s just around the corner.

Have a great day all!

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    katsrus Says:

    The Haunted Mansion sounds like fun. Love the pictures.
    Sue b

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